Your digital space, on autopilot.

Apollo is a context-aware tool that helps navigate your personal digital space.

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Leverage your interactions across services and devices.

You use and enjoy a number of apps, creating a network of unique interactions. Apollo indexes web and app content from the services you choose, and intelligently categorizes the things you
like. save. bookmark. pin. favourite.

What services can I integrate?

  • Instagram
  • Google Chrome
  • Instapaper
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

Apollo sends you tailored notifications based on your location and schedule.

Facilitated by your phone’s location and motion detector, Apollo employs machine learning technology to recommend you the right stuff at the right time.

What can Apollo navigate?

  • Local discovery
  • Reading
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Bookmarks

Find everything you care about in one place, again.

Apollo parses and organizes content into dynamic collections. It also learns as you curate, so open the app anytime to browse, search, revisit, and manage the content Apollo indexes.

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